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Isaac Floyd

Isaac Floyd M.S. is an award-winning scientist, chef, and professor with experience developing nutrition and food solutions for Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, and businesses. For over 6 years, Isaac has worked on nutrition programs and strategies for companies and individuals from New York to Los Angeles.


Coming from a background in nutrition biochemistry from Kent State University, Isaac currently serves as the Nutrition Scientist for Ikonic Body, and Nutrition Professor at Everglades University in Orlando, Florida.


Isaac has worked with Research and Development (R&D) initiatives at Nestlé on the Science & Technology team. From analyzing plant-based protein alternatives to improving flavor and texture quality, he has been involved in optimizing foods to improve health & wellness and provide delicious experiences to people across the world.


Some career highlights include his award-winning research examining the social, cultural and environmental influences behind food and nutrition behavior, and modeling in commercial shoots for the PBS television network and online editorial magazines. 

Isaac has worked with leading food, health & fitness companies such as Nestlé, KINDSnacks, IKONIC Body, Lifetime Fitness, Vicki Doe Fitness, and Jay's Elite Fitness.


Some of Isaac's community involvement includes the Lebron James Family Foundation, the King Kennedy Community Center and St. Judes Children's Research Hospital.

Awards & Press

2019- Featured in PBS Documentary "An Answer from Akron"


2019- "Eating for Gut Health...with Isaac Floyd" featured in podcast, found here.

2019- Black Diamond Award Winner- for outstanding leadership in health & wellness in the Mahoning Valley.

2019- "Spicy Avocado Lime Dressing" Featured author of recipe, found here.

2019- "Trending Diets..Which diet is best for me? with Isaac Floyd" featured in podcast, found here.

2018- "Blackberry Watermelon & Mint Salad with Lime Juice" Featured author of recipe, found here.

2018- "Ethnic identity, food culture and what we eat with Isaac Floyd" featured in podcast, found here.

2018- "Change Your Habits!: 4 Key habits for Successful Weight Loss" featured author of article, found here.

2017- "Biotin: Hidden Hair Treasure or Fools Gold?"featured author of article, found here.

2017 "Cilantro Lime Brown Rice" featured author of article, found here.

2017- Work featured in "DRIP Magazine"- found here.

2017- Received Kent State Graduate Studies Full Scholarship.

2017- First Place Winner- Kent State University 

Research Symposium for topic: “How do salient identities influence nutrition and food behavior.”

Speaking & Exhibitions

2019- Lebron James Family Foundation.

Akron, Ohio

"Highschool to College"

2019/ 18/ 17-

Kent State University "Finding Your Niche" 3X Speaker

2019- The Network.

Kent, Ohio

"Finding Success After College"

2018/17- Vicki Doe  Fitness.

Youngstown, Ohio

"Minority Health Month Food Demo"- Topic: Nutrition for Disease Prevention.  2x Speaker

2017- Multiple Sclerosis Night With the Stars. "Nutrition for Mobility Issues"- Special Topic Presentation

2017- National GEM Research Consortium- University of Tennessee.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Featured Speaker


Ikonic Body- Nutrition Scientist

2019- current

Nutrition Content Creation and Management

I oversee the development of food and nutrition services (including online cooking classes and educational videos/courses) and make sure that everything that goes out is evidence-based, educational, and on target. I have also created course curricula and content videos to help people around the country improve their nutrition.

Everglades University- Professor of Nutrition

2019- Present

College Professor

I teach nutrition science courses both in-person and online. My role includes conducting lectures, tracking student progress, and attending regular professional development activities. Classes taught include Nutrition and Disease, Nutrition and Aging, Antioxidants, and Fundamentals of Nutrition.

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