Delicious, healthy, and never boring.

The new live online meal prep club has more of the food you love, in the comfort of your home. Our personalized nutrition support helps you reach your body goals faster. The highest quality cooking experience making meal prep easy, fun, and delicious.


Now available online via ZOOM! 



You have questions.

We have answers.

Get trustworthy answers to some of your most pressing food and lifestyle questions from real professionals.


Make food you are proud of

Good cooking is learned. Learn a new mouthwatering recipe every week, step-by-step, from a professional chef.

Take the stress out of cooking

Let us do the work for you. You just show up, have fun, and eat your masterpiece.

Healthy Cooking



A healthy home is a happy home. Research shows that how we eat influences health outcomes and happiness in the home [1]

Jonniece Eating Looking Happy_edited_edi

A memorable experience.

Great for couples, teens,

and athletes. Wind down and enjoy a unique and fun experience, and always end with a great meal.

Power Cress

Meal Prep Club

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