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The Socio-Cultural Diet: How can where and how we were raised affect our health and happiness? There are many perceived barriers to a healthy, happy life; many rooted in our culture. 


The Socio-Cultural Diet analyzes our food habits to transforms healthy eating while preserving the culture, no matter where you come from!

Plant Based Eating: If I could sum up all the courses I have endured; all the research I have conducted and read; everything I know about food and nutrition, the message would be:

We need to eat more plants...

Eating plants has many perks, and you don't have to be a Vegan or Vegetarian to reap the benefits. The best part is I'll expand your horizon on just how delicious plants can be!

Millennial Success: How can you combine all your most defining experiences into a vision for your career? I turned my vision into a success story as a college student on a tight budget, but it was not without some pivotal experiences along the way.



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Increase focus and productivity.


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